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University information is a crucial
component of your..

University Information

University information is a crucial
component of your..

University Information

University information is a crucial
component of your..

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Keshav Gehlawat

Mr. Tarun helped me throughout the process from application to the visa. It was a wonderful experience and top of all he assured that I get the best possible opportunities and outcomes.

Arpit Singh

Highly recommend for visa services. There was literally no headache on my part everything was handled by them. The procedure was quite smooth and they guided me at every step. Even the preparation for uk visa was done effortlessly. My whole process has been done virtually. A big thanks to Tarun Sherawat team.

Amanjeet Singh

Genius Study Abroad provides exceptional support for students seeking to study abroad. Their expertise in guiding students through the application process, coupled with a wide network of prestigious colleges, ensures a seamless transition to top-notch educational institutions. With a dedicated team, they prioritize personalized assistance, making the journey to international education both smooth and rewarding.

Navina Chettrri

Mr. Tarun emerged as the ideal consultant to approach amid the chaos of applying for Canada during the Covid uncertainties. In the midst of a slow and complicated process, his exceptional patience and continuous guidance were invaluable. Beyond professional assistance, Mr. Tarun’s support extended to a familial level, going above and beyond to help with even the smallest details throughout my visa journey. Thankyou for your assistance, sir.

Anjali Arora

Enrolling with Geniustudy for my education abroad journey was the best decision ever. The team provided impeccable guidance throughout the application process, ensuring a smooth transition to my dream university.



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  • Am I qualified to pursue education in a foreign country?

    Commencing studies as an international student involves fulfilling a spectrum of entry criteria. The educational prerequisites, including proof of proficiency in the English language, necessary for studying abroad, will vary based on the educational level you aim to achieve. For example, certain programs may necessitate the completion of a foundation course prior to applying for a degree. It's crucial to note that each university and school may have distinct entry criteria, so it is imperative to meticulously review the course details on their respective websites. Genius Study Abroad Expert Advisor will assist you in evaluating your eligibility for various programs and provide guidance on courses and locations that align with your preferences.

  • Can I work on a student visa?

    Yes, in most cases student visa holders can work up to 20 hours per week during term and full time during the holidays. Employing oneself during your academic journey can enhance both your educational and living encounters while pursuing studies in another country. If you enroll in a program at the degree level or higher, you might have the authorization to engage in employment while holding an international student visa. Nevertheless, it is crucial to verify that your visa allows for paid work before taking on any such employment. The availability of part-time work for students during their academic pursuits differs across countries.

  • Which educational destination should I opt for?

    Check whether the primary language of instruction aligns with your language proficiency. Consider the work opportunities available for international students during and after their studies. Check whether the primary language of instruction aligns with your language proficiency. Consider the work opportunities available for international students during and after their studies. There is a variety of choices for academic pursuits, including renowned options like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Germany, France and Dubai. Consult with Genius Study Abroad Expert Advisors that specialize in assisting international students with the application process.

  • How can I determine the most suitable destination for my studies?

    When confronted with myriad possibilities, it's natural to feel bewildered. When deciding on the ideal study destination, several factors warrant consideration. For instance, acquaint yourself with visa regulations to comprehend the stipulations for international students. Evaluate the language of instruction; this will assist you in gauging how effectively you can communicate with the local populace. Furthermore, take into account the financial aspects of studying in a specific location, including program duration. Examine the universities in a given destination to discern your preferences, giving due consideration to their rankings. Additionally, as a prospective international student, it's crucial to scrutinize the available courses and align them with your interests. Lastly, don't overlook the career prospects that the chosen destination presents.

  • How can I secure financial assistance?

    A scholarship constitutes a grant of financial aid designed to support a student's educational pursuits. Scholarships are conferred based on diverse criteria and may manifest in various forms. The monetary value can fluctuate, spanning from a few thousand rupees to covering tuition, accommodation, meals, and travel expenses. Scholarships encompass various categories, and students must submit an application to the respective university when seeking to obtain one. Remember to carefully read the eligibility criteria and application requirements for each scholarship, and tailor your applications accordingly. Seek guidance from Genius Study Abroad Expert advisors to enhance your chances of securing financial assistance.

  • Will I secure employment upon finishing my program?

    Numerous study destinations extend post-study work opportunities to international students, enabling them to explore job prospects. Furthermore, students can engage in part-time employment during their course, applying their acquired knowledge practically. This appealing aspect is a deciding factor for many students opting to pursue education overseas. Before choosing a study destination, it's advisable to consult with Genius Study Abroad career advisors at the educational institution and explore resources provided by the host country's government regarding post-graduation employment prospects for international students.

  • What is the expense of studying abroad?

    The cost of studying abroad encompasses a multitude of components, with each study destination falling within its specific range. Tuition fees are contingent on the level of study, and living expenses play a pivotal role, influenced by your lifestyle choices. Accommodation and travel costs are additional factors to consider. Therefore, when crafting a budget for overseas education, it is imperative to account for the aforementioned aspects. To estimate the total cost, students can contact Genius Study Abroad Expert Advisors for the specific expenses associated with their chosen destination and institution. Many universities provide cost-of-living estimates on their websites, and students can also consult with current or former international students to get insights into the actual expenses.


  • How lengthy are academic programs overseas?

    The duration of a program hinges on the study level. Typically, undergraduate programs span 3-4 years in some countries, such as the United States, undergraduate programs often take 4 years to complete, master's programs last 1-2 years The exact duration can vary based on the country, the specific program, and whether it includes a research component or not, and doctoral programs leading to a Ph.D., usually take between 3 to 4 years to complete. The duration can extend further if additional research time is required for the dissertation require 3-4 years for completion. Additionally, certain professional or specialized programs may have different timelines. Prospective students should check with Genius Study Abroad Expert Advisors for the specific requirements of the academic program and institution they are interested in to get accurate information about program duration.


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